It is time to bring the community together to articulate a new vision and strategic plan that addresses our most pressing issues:

Great Schools

Schools are the heart and soul of a community. Highly rated ones attract new residents and new investment. Poorly-rated schools are avoided by families and become a drag on the local economy.

Safe Neighborhoods

Public Safety personnel take care of us. We need to take care of them. That means competitive pay and benefits, good working conditions and supportive leadership.

Better Transportation

We have to fix Route 28N to I66…not just talk about it… GET IT DONE! The Virginia Railway Express is an important asset – we need to extend the Manassas line to Gainesville and Haymarket and add mid-day trains.

Economic Development

It’s time to invest in the things that business really cares about: great schools, safe neighborhoods and infrastructure that works.

Rex’s Promise

“Transparency, Responsibility & Accountability.”