Business leaders support Rex, Pam and Mark because they know we not only support the infrastructure that makes economic development attractive, but we also make education a priority. The success of business growth is tied to the success of our schools system. Having Pam Sebesky’s knowledge and passion for schools as a School Board member for the past six years is key to our platform for enhancing economic development.

We want to work to attract residents and businesses here, and be able to compete in the Northern Virginia marketplace for top industry to locate here.

Current Councilman Mark Wolfe has championed the transformation of Old Town Manassas, as well as pushed for the support of the highly anticipated Gateway project, among others. He is the chairman of the Council’s Economic Development Committee and has worked hard with the Economic Development Department to move Manassas forward.

Mark has been endorsed by the Prince William County Chamber of Commerce, along with Rex Parr, who was previously CEO of a local company that grew 20% every year during his 38 years at the helm.

We have a penchant for progress, and not accepting status quo. We want to see Manassas succeed, and we think you do too. That takes a commitment to economic development and to schools.