InsideNOVA introduced the seven candidates running for three City Council seats this year in the August 26 issue.

Here’s the excerpt we found most interesting:

Beyond the crowded ballot, turnout, which expected to be about 70 percent, could usher in a political sea change if Manassas voters continue to trend blue, as they have in the last two presidential races.

In 2012,  Manassas voters opted to re-elect President Barack Obama by 55 to 42 percent.

Sharon Ashurst, chairwoman of the City of Manassas Republican Committee, said her party is “concerned” about Manassas voters’ recent preference for Democrats at the top of the ticket. But that’s not the only headwind facing her candidates, she said.

Trump is another. Although Ashurst says she supports the billionaire real-estate mogul and former reality TV star, her local candidates are doing their best, she said, to “stay neutral” when it comes to the presidential race.

“I think being linked [to Trump] this year is a little concerning or our community,” Ashurst said. “In our community, which has a lot of Hispanics, it doesn’t bode very well.”  

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